• Benefits of Singing

    Group singing costs less than therapy, better for you than drinking, and more fun than working out. There are many benefits from singing: physically, emotionally and socially. Physical Benefits of Singing 1. Singing exercises our lungs. It tones up our intercostal muscles and our diaphragm. 2. Singing can improve our sleep. 3. Singing benefits our

  • Testimonial | Belinda E | Balgowlah Heights

    Terry is much loved by the children, always reliable and the children gain much musical knowledge during his fun-filled sessions. Belinda E | Mum | Balgowlah Heights

  • Health Benefits of Singing

    Reduce stress and improve mood, Lower blood pressure, Boost the Immune System, Improve breathing, Reduce perceived pain, Improve a sense of rhythm, Promote learning in children, Forge comforting memories, Promote communal bonding, Provide comfort, Motivate and empower, Sounds can influence brain wave frequencies and promote well-being, Source : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ENTERTAINMENT


    Geeza Rock n Roll Show is going back on the road with a new line up in 2012. Stay tuned for dates and venues.

  • Geeza back in the studio

    GEEZA are returning to the studio to record their long awaited 2nd album. Due for completion 2012. Stay tuned.

  • Re-Opening Celebrations

    It’s official, Studio 259 has reopened and we’ve got lots to celebrate! Rather than just have an opening party, we’ve decided to bring you two weeks of events to show off our new premises, staff and services. Click here to read our full list of events. Remember bookings are essential so get in early and

  • Online shop launched

    After much anticipation I am pleased to announce that my online store is FINALLY OPEN. Our first products include Speed Limit, 2112 and Geeza Merchandise. We’ll be adding HEAPS MORE, so Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, news and specials. CLICK HERE to get your order in quick before stocks run out!!

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